plot.riskyr is a method that allows to generate different plot types from a "riskyr" object.

# S3 method for riskyr
plot(x = NULL, type = "prism", ...)



An object of class "riskyr", usually a result of a call to riskyr. Pre-defined scenarios are also of type "riskyr".


The type of plot to be generated.

The following plot types are currently available:

  1. type = "prism" or type = "net" or type = "tree": Risk information is plotted in a network diagram of frequencies and probabilities (default). See plot_prism for further options.

  2. type = "tab" or type = "ftab": Risk information is plotted as a 2-by-2 frequency or contingency table. See plot_tab for further options.

  3. type = "area" or type = "mosaic": Risk information is plotted as a mosaic plot (scaled area). See plot_area for further options.

  4. type = "bar" or type = "fbar": Risk information is plotted as a bar chart. See plot_bar for further options.

  5. type = "icons" or type = "iconarray": The underlying population is plotted as an array of icons. See plot_icons for further options.

  6. type = "curve" or type = "curves": Draws curves of selected values (including PPV, NPV) See plot_curve for further options.

  7. type = "plane" or type = "planes": Draws a 3D-plane of selected values (e.g., predictive values PPV or NPV) See plot_plane for further options.


Additional parameters to be passed to the underlying plotting functions.


plot.riskyr also uses the text settings specified in the "riskyr" object.

See also

riskyr initializes a riskyr scenario.

Other visualization functions: plot_area, plot_bar, plot_curve, plot_fnet, plot_icons, plot_mosaic, plot_plane, plot_prism, plot_tab, plot_tree

Other riskyr scenario functions: read_popu, riskyr, summary.riskyr


# Select a scenario (from list of scenarios): s1 <- scenarios$n1 # select scenario 1 from scenarios plot(s1) # default plot (type = "prism")
# Plot types currently available: plot(s1, type = "prism") # prism/network diagram (default)
plot(s1, type = "tree", by = "cd") # tree diagram (only 1 perspective)
plot(s1, type = "area") # area/mosaic plot
plot(s1, type = "tab") # 2x2 frequency/contingency table
plot(s1, type = "bar", dir = 2) # bar plot
plot(s1, type = "icons") # icon array
plot(s1, type = "curve", what = "all") # curves as fn. of prev
plot(s1, type = "plane", what = "NPV") # plane as function of sens & spec
plot(s1, type = "default") # unknown type: use default plot
#> Unknown plot type (in plot.riskyr): Using type = 'prism'.