plot_plane draws a 3D-plane of selected values (e.g., predictive values PPV or NPV) as a function of a decision's sensitivity sens and specificity value spec for a given prevalence (prev).

plot_plane(prev = num$prev, sens = num$sens, mirt = NA,
  spec = num$spec, fart = NA, what = "PPV", what_col = pal,
  line_col = "grey85", point_col = "yellow", show_point = TRUE,
  step_size = 0.05, theta = -45, phi = 0, lbl_txt = txt,
  title_lbl = NA, p_lbl = "def", cex_lbl = 0.85, col_pal = pal,
  mar_notes = TRUE, ...)



The condition's prevalence prev (i.e., the probability of condition being TRUE).


The decision's sensitivity sens (i.e., the conditional probability of a positive decision provided that the condition is TRUE). sens is optional when its complement mirt is provided.


The decision's miss rate mirt (i.e., the conditional probability of a negative decision provided that the condition is TRUE). mirt is optional when its complement sens is provided.


The decision's specificity value spec (i.e., the conditional probability of a negative decision provided that the condition is FALSE). spec is optional when its complement fart is provided.


The decision's false alarm rate fart (i.e., the conditional probability of a positive decision provided that the condition is FALSE). fart is optional when its complement spec is provided.


A character code that specifies one metric to be plotted as a plane. Currently available options are c("PPV", "NPV", "ppod", "acc"). Default: what = "PPV".


Color for surface facets corresponding to the metric specified in what. Default: what_col uses color corresponding to what in current col_pal.


Color for lines between surface facets. Default: line_col = "grey85".


Fill color for showing current value on plane. Default: point_col = "yellow".


Boolean option for showing the current value of the selected metric for the current conditions (prev, sens, spec) as a point on the plane. Default: show_point = TRUE.


Sets the granularity of the sens-by-spec grid. (in range .01 <= step_size <= 1). Default: step_size = .05.


Horizontal rotation angle (used by persp). Default: theta = -45.


Vertical rotation angle (used by persp). Default: phi = 0.


Labels and text elements. Default: lbl_txt = txt.


Main plot title. Default: title_lbl = NA (using lbl_txt$scen_lbl).


Type of label for shown probability values, with the following options:

  1. "abb": show abbreviated probability names;

  2. "def": show abbreviated probability names and values (default);

  3. "nam": show only probability names (as specified in code);

  4. "num": show only numeric probability values;

  5. "namnum": show names and numeric probability values;

  6. "no": hide labels (same for p_lbl = NA or NULL).


Scaling factor for the size of text labels (e.g., on axes, legend, margin text). Default: cex_lbl = .85.


Color palette (if what_col is unspecified). Default: col_pal = pal.


Boolean value for showing margin notes. Default: mar_notes = TRUE.


Other (graphical) parameters.


plot_plane is a generalization of plot_PV3d (see legacy code) that allows for additional dependent values.

See also

comp_popu computes the current population; popu contains the current population; comp_freq computes current frequency information; freq contains current frequency information; num for basic numeric parameters; txt for current text settings; pal for current color settings

Other visualization functions: plot.riskyr, plot_area, plot_bar, plot_curve, plot_fnet, plot_icons, plot_mosaic, plot_prism, plot_tab, plot_tree


# Basics: plot_plane() # => default plot (what = "PPV")
# same as: # plot_plane(what = "PPV") # => plane of PPV plot_plane(what = "NPV") # => plane of NPV
plot_plane(what = "ppod") # => plane of ppod
plot_plane(what = "acc") # => plane of acc
# Plot options: plot_plane(title_lbl = "Testing smaller text labels", cex_lbl = .60)
plot_plane(show_point = FALSE) # => no point shown on plane
plot_plane(title_lbl = "Testing plot colors", what_col = "royalblue4", line_col = "sienna2")
plot_plane(title_lbl = "Testing plot in b/w", what_col = "white", line_col = "black")
plot_plane(step_size = .333, what_col = "firebrick") # => coarser granularity + color
plot_plane(step_size = .025, what_col = "chartreuse4") # => finer granularity + color
plot_plane(what_col = "steelblue4", theta = -90, phi = 45) # => rotated, from above