err defines the error rate as the complement of accuracy acc or lack of correspondence of decisions to conditions.



An object of class numeric of length 1.



err = (1 - acc)

When freq are not rounded (round = FALSE) then

err = dec_err/N = (mi + fa)/N

err is currently not included in prob, but shown in plots.

See err's complement of accuracy acc for computation and accu for current accuracy metrics and several possible interpretations of accuracy.

See also

acc provides overall accuracy; comp_acc computes accuracy from probabilities; accu lists current accuracy metrics; comp_accu_prob computes exact accuracy metrics from probabilities; comp_accu_freq computes accuracy metrics from frequencies; comp_sens and comp_PPV compute related probabilities; is_extreme_prob_set verifies extreme cases; comp_complement computes a probability's complement; is_complement verifies probability complements; comp_prob computes current probability information; prob contains current probability information; is_prob verifies probabilities.

Other probabilities: FDR, FOR, NPV, PPV, acc, fart, mirt, ppod, prev, sens, spec

Other metrics: accu, acc, comp_accu_freq, comp_accu_prob, comp_acc, comp_err


err <- .50 # sets a rate of incorrect decisions of 50% err <- 50/100 # (dec_err) for 50 out of 100 individuals is_prob(err) # TRUE
#> [1] TRUE