Signal provides the alert color of pal_signal (as an atomic HEX character value) and is defined as pal_signal[2].



An object of class character of length 1.


The official specification of pal_signal does not identify a preferred color. We provide Signal as a dedicated color as it is suited for creating color gradients (see usecol).

See for details.

See also

pal_signal for the corresponding color palette; pal_unikn for the unikn default color palette with all 5 colors of pal_seeblau; pal_unikn_pref for a color palette with all preferred colors; seecol to show color palettes; usecol to use color palettes.

Other preferred colors: Bordeaux, Grau, Karpfenblau, Peach, Petrol, Pinky, Seeblau, Seegruen


Signal # HEX character "#EFDC60" (as value)
#> Signal #> "#EFDC60"
all.equal(Signal, pal_signal[[2]]) # TRUE (same HEX values)
#> [1] "names for target but not for current"
seecol(Signal) # view color and details