unikn Unreleased

The current development version of unikn ( is available at https://github.com/hneth/unikn/.

Major changes

  • Added a x_layout argument to text decoration functions (with options for adjusting horizontal position of text labels at “center”, “left”, or “right”). [2021-04-24]
  • Added a shades_of() function to conveniently get n shades of a color. [2021-04-06]

Minor changes

  • none yet

Bug fixes

  • slide() now uses the dim argument. [2021-04-24]

unikn 0.4.0 2021-03-27

This release of unikn (v0.4.0) adds new functionality, tweaks aesthetics, and fixes a bug. [2021-03-27]

Changes since last release:

Major changes

  • Added a grepal() function to conveniently search colors() or color palettes by name. [2020-12-18]

  • Changed color sequence of pal_unikn_pref to increase contrast between adjacent colors. [2020-09-04]

Minor changes

  • Added mar_note argument to seecol() for margin note option. [2021-01-05]

  • Added two new vignettes (on “Color recipes” and “Institutional colors”). [2020-12-18]

  • Fine-tuned aesthetics of theme_unikn() and theme_grau() for use with ggplot2. [2020-08-27]

  • Added Travis support for GitHub builds. [2020-08-25]

Bug fixes

  • Adjust display of HEX codes in seecol():
    Show HEX codes on two alternating lines (or with diagonal labels) when length of codes exceed line length(s). [2020-12-26]

unikn 0.3.0 2020-08-24

This release of unikn (v0.3.0) adds functionality and fixes some bugs. [2020-08-24]

Changes since last release:

Major changes

  • Added theme_grau() to provide an alternative ggplot2 theme. [2020-08-24]

Minor changes

  • Added pal_names argument to seecol() function to allow re-labeling color palettes and colors. [2020-08-22]

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix: Use seecol() to flexibly plot color palettes provided by name or incomplete names. [2020-08-20]

  • Revise documentation of seecol() and usecol() functions.

  • Clean up and update online documentation.

unikn 0.2.0 2019-09-25

This version of unikn (v0.2.0) is a maintenance release, adding some functionality, but primarily fixing bugs. [2019-09-25]

Changes since last release:

Major changes

New functionality:

  • Added a newpal() function for defining new color palettes (as a named vector or data frame). [2019-07-05]

  • Added a theme_unikn() function to provide a basic ggplot2 theme. [2019-06-20]

Minor changes

Changes in existing functionality:

  • Added a col_bg argument to the seecol() function to allow setting background color. [2019-09-24]

  • Added a title argument to the seecol() function to allow overwriting the default title (created when title = NA). [2019-07-17]

  • Added lwd_brd argument to the seecol() function to allow setting the linewidth of shapes (and setting sensible defaults in combination with col_brd). [2019-07-18]

Bug fixes

  • Fix an error in seecol() and usecol() that prevented using functions in other packages (by requiring list of palettes). [2019-09-18]

  • Removed packages not needed for running unikn from list of suggested packages. [2019-07-20]

  • Prevent showing duplicate color names in seecol(), due to searching both the current set of color palettes and base R colors. Different names for the same color are now separated by a forward slash (/), duplicates are removed before naming. [2019-06-27]

  • Fix an error in isHexCol() which failed to recognize hexadecimal color values starting with lowercase letters. [2019-06-27]

unikn 0.1.0 2019-06-15

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