is_freq is a function that checks whether its single argument freq is a frequency (i.e., a positive numeric integer value).




A single (typically numeric) argument.


A Boolean value: TRUE if freq is a frequency (positive integer), otherwise FALSE.

See also

num contains basic numeric variables; init_num initializes basic numeric variables; prob contains current probability information; comp_prob computes current probability information; freq contains current frequency information; comp_freq computes current frequency information; is_valid_prob_set verifies the validity of probability inputs; as_pc displays a probability as a percentage; as_pb displays a percentage as probability.

Other verification functions: is_complement, is_extreme_prob_set, is_perc, is_prob, is_suff_prob_set, is_valid_prob_pair, is_valid_prob_set, is_valid_prob_triple


# ways to succeed: is_freq(2) # => TRUE, but does NOT return the frequency 2.
#> [1] TRUE
is_freq(0:3) # => TRUE (for vector)
#> [1] TRUE
## ways to fail: # is_freq(-1) # => FALSE + warning (negative values) # is_freq(1:-1) # => FALSE (for vector) + warning (negative values) # is_freq(c(1, 1.5, 2)) # => FALSE (for vector) + warning (non-integer values) ## note: # is.integer(2) # => FALSE!