comp_mirt is a conversion function that takes a sensitivity sens -- given as a probability (i.e., a numeric value in the range from 0 to 1) -- as its input, and returns the corresponding miss rate mirt -- also as a probability -- as its output.




The decision's sensitivity sens as a probability.


The decision's miss rate mirt as a probability.


The miss rate mirt and sensitivity sens are complements (mirt = (1 - sens)) and both features of the decision process (e.g., a diagnostic test).

The function comp_mirt is complementary to the conversion function comp_sens and uses the generic function comp_complement.

See also

comp_complement computes a probability's complement; is_complement verifies probability complements; comp_prob computes current probability information; prob contains current probability information; is_prob verifies probabilities.

Other functions computing probabilities: comp_FDR, comp_FOR, comp_NPV, comp_PPV, comp_accu_freq, comp_accu_prob, comp_acc, comp_comp_pair, comp_complement, comp_complete_prob_set, comp_err, comp_fart, comp_ppod, comp_prob_freq, comp_prob, comp_sens, comp_spec


comp_mirt(2) # => NA + warning (beyond range)
#> [1] NA
comp_mirt(1/3) # => 0.6666667
#> [1] 0.6666667
comp_mirt(comp_complement(0.123)) # => 0.123
#> [1] 0.123